Multiplex Manufacturing

Why Choose Multiplex Manufacturing?

Multiplex Manufacturing has it all. We are a multi-million dollar full-solution manufacturing company with long-term repeat customers. They are the evidence that we are committed to doing what it takes to build successful business relationships.

Why choose Multiplex Manufacturing over another supplier? Price is obviously a critical piece in the decision making process, but we also believe there are a number of other factors that are equally important – continual improvement, lean manufacturing, value-added services, to name a few.

Like experience. Like knowing you can trust what your supplier says. Or like being confident that your supplier has full-service capabilities in-house and a proven track record of trouble-shooting and problem-solving on the fly.

Onsite, full-spectrum services mean your job is easier.

Turning. Milling. Bending. Wire EDM. In-house robotics. Process stream management. Subcontracting of plating, coating, assembly. Packaging. Cross-border transportation logistics. We do it all. Need us to take on a bit more? No problem.

20 years of satisfied Customers means you can trust us.

Over the past 20 years, we have developed a reputation that means something to us. The foundation is an unwavering dedication to our customers, to delivering what we say we are going to deliver on time and on budget. It's a reputation you can trust.

Extensive in-house expertise means your project is in good hands.

From design-build to equipment repairs to process improvement analysis, Multiplex has the expertise and resources in-house to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. We don't rely on anyone outside to run our shop.

How does this benefit you? If something breaks down in the middle of your production run, there are experts on the ground in real time repairing it, minimizing risk in terms of time and cost to our customers.

45+ CNC machines mean we have the capacity to handle large volumes.

With our current machines we can process large volume productions runs. We are also always looking for growth opportunities.

24/7 availability means we're there when you need us, particularly if you're in a bind.

One of the things we do really well is help you out if you have a challenge. Our shop runs 24/7 and we are expert problem-solvers. We'll find a way to help you out if you're in a bind.

From a single prototype to runs of millions, we can handle any size project.

From one-off protoypes to small production runs of a few parts to production runs of over 10,000,000 parts, we've done it all. We're confident that we can handle your project.

A convenient location in Central Niagara means that we're within driving distance of any business in Southwestern Ontario.

Real time, face-to-face meetings often make business easier. Our convenient location in Central Niagara means it's easy for us to come to you if you want to talk in person. If you'd rather visit our plant and see first hand what we offer, we're here and ready for your visit. 

Years of international experience means we can help with your cross-border logistics.

Over the years we have worked closely with our brokers to generate NAFTA certificates, commercial invoices, manufacturing affidavits and various other documents. If this is an area you need assistance with, we can help out by taking care of this end of the transporting of goods across our borders.

We have 'skin in the game' and that means we're playing on your team.

It's very simple. For us to succeed, we need you to succeed. So, when we say that we are 'in this with you', we mean it. We are your 'partners' in the production process. Your risk is our risk.

Our commitment to continual improvement and lean manufacturing means we're always looking for ways to benefit your bottom line.

We continually challenge ourselves to do things better and create more efficiencies in our plant. This commitment to refining our processes – to lean manufacturing – helps to keep the price down for you. We understand the pressures the global market puts on price and we want to do our part to relieve some of the pressure.

We make top quality products and that means your products will be top quality.

You can't manufacture a quality end-product from parts that are substandard. We know this. We pride ourselves in the quality we deliver to our customers... and the quality of their final product.

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