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Robotic Welding

Multiplex Manufacturing continues to diversify to offer our customers – including outsourcing and subcontracting firms – even more services and capabilities.

Robotic Welding, Multiplex Manufacturing, Ontario

Mulitplex Manufacturing uses a Lincoln Electric System 20 robotic welding cell. The robot is a Fanuc Arcmate 100i coupled with an ABICOR torch and integrated to a Lincoln Electric Powerwave R350 welding supply.

Also available is an STT Powerwave module for arc control when welding thin sheet.

A full complement of different wires are available depending on your welding needs.

The multi-process R350 can handle GMAW (MIG), pulsed MIG and flux-cored (FCAW) processes, as well as GTAW DC TIG and pulsed DC TIG.

Its Waveform Control Technology® advanced process capabilities include standard pulse, as well as Pulse-on-Pulse®, Power Mode® and RapidArc®.

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